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Victim's Assistance

The Tribal Victims Assistance Program provides counseling and advocates to victims of violent crimes. The Tribal Victims Assistance program is available to tribal members and their children and is designed to provide and promote safe and stable living conditions.

     TVA is to advocate for victims of crimes. We, as advocates, serve as a liaison between the victim/survivor and the court. We provide education on the role of law enforcement, the prosecutor's role and the court system. We educate the victim on their rights and provide referrals to other agencies that we might meet their basic needs as well as their immediate needs. We service within the 14 counties of Traditional Cherokee Indian Country.

Services provided:

  • Notification of victim rights

  • Information of financial assistance available

  • Education of the justice system and the courts

  • Keetoowah Cherokee and Spanish translation

  • Inform the victim of services available

  • Strive to provide quality service, removing barriers, helping victims to empower themselves giving them a voice

  • Protection to and from court appearances

Eligibility Requirements

     The United Keetoowah Band is a federally recognized Indian tribe whose membership must prove one-quarter degree of Indian blood as established by Certificates of Degree of Indian Blood. However, other Native Americans have utilized the services provided by our program. They must be a victim of domestic violence and reside within the Cherokee and Adair counties. Priority given to Native Americans, will assist any victim through the UKB Tribal Victims Assistance cooperative coordination.

  • Domestic Violence is the most common cause of injury to women, more than auto accidents, muggings, and rape combined.

  • An estimated three to four million American women are battered by their partner each year.

  • Every 15 seconds a woman is physically assaulted within her own home.

  • Domestic violence occurs among all races and socioeconomic groups.

  • Between two to four thousand women are beaten to death each year.

  • Homicide is the leading cause of death for women on the job.

  • Each year, domestic violence costs American business between 3 to 5 billion for medical expenses alone.

  • Employers lost another additional 100 million in lack of productivity, poor job performance, absenteeism, tardiness, increased sick days and lost workdays.

  • Domestic Violence can also happen to men.

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